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Forest Lake

About Us

We Exist to Humbly Glorify God!


Weaver Baptist Church is committed to exalting Christ, encouraging one another, reaching the community, and equipping people to serve the kingdom of God and be disciple-makers.


The Good News

Get to Know Us

This good news starts with the understanding that we, apart from Christ are dead in our sins and unable to save ourselves. God, who is the creator of all, in his goodness, and mercy, sent forth his Son. His Son was not born of ordinary generation but born of a virgin. Born without sin and born under the law. In his obedience, he became sin for us. God laid upon him the sins of all of those who would believe. He died the death that we deserve so that we might be justified. Then, on the third day, he was raised from the dead, so that God may be both just and the justifier. When we have faith in Christ we are not only justified but we are also sanctified by this same Jesus. The Jesus who changes us day by day so that we might be transformed into the image of Christ

Our Values

  • Evangelism - Go and Make Disciples

    • We exist to grow the kingdom of God in our homes, work, schools, and every other part of our lives.


  • Worship - Love the Lord with all that you are.

    • We exist to glorify God in everything that we do and say.


  • Fellowship - Baptize Them.

    • We exist to encourage each other, the church, and the rest of the community.


  • Discipleship - Teach them to Obey

    • We exist to teach the Word of God which is for both encouragement and correction. 


  • Ministry - Love your Neighbor

    • We exist to love the people of the church and community through both what we say and the way that we care for people.

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