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Mission and Values


We exist to humbly glorify God.

Mission Statement:

Weaver Baptist Church is committed to exalting Christ, encouraging one another, reaching the community, and equipping people to serve the kingdom of God and be disciple-makers.


- Evangelism - Go and Make Disciples
     • We exist to grow the kingdom of God in our homes, work, schools, and every other part of our lives.

- Worship - Love the Lord with all that you are.
     • We exist to glorify God in everything that we do and say.

- Fellowship - Baptize Them.
     • We exist to encourage each other, the church, and the rest of the community.

- Discipleship - Teach them to Obey
     • We exist to teach the Word of God which is for both encouragement and correction.

- Ministry - Love Your Neighbor
     • We exist to love the people of the church and community through both what we say and the way that we care for people.

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